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More love from the road.

Part 1 of our road adventures!!!

We are here…where are you?!

Peace, Love, & Music.


Here are a few of my favorite shots from my feature over on Shutter 16 from when Foxy Shazam came to Greene Street Club in Greensboro. 

The full feature and the rest of the images are located here

Foxy Shazam are so much fun live and this show was no exception!

I enjoyed the openers Jonas Sees In Color and Sumerlin as well which really added up for a good night all together. 

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The great JSIC space-coaster is coming for you. Join the mother-ship of Rock N Roll. 

Bringing our noise to NY!

Bringing our noise to NY!


Jonas Sees in Color  |  The Chop Shop  |  Charlotte, NC  |  May 16, 2014 

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Have you met Slim Jim? Well, say hello and show him to your friends!

Ladies & gents….When we come, we come to party hard.