Another killer Boone show!

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The show was so much fun yo ✌️I can’t wait to see them againnnn

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This song ain’t about beef jerky, but it is called Slim Jim.


I saw Jonas Sees in Color again tonight and there was actually a pretty big crowd (inside a really really tiny bar I might add) and it was awesome!  Probably my favorite JSIC show I’ve been to so far.  I can’t wait to see them again! I forgot my camera though so I didn’t get pictures. 

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A couple of pictures from last night :)

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Jonas Sees In Color on 99.5 the X!


Jonas Sees In Color is about to be played on Local 99 on 99.5 the X! Tune in if you can!

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Tonight, tonight, tonight…..

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Looks like it’s party time in Raleigh this Friday!!


Giving my boys a play #firstplay #foreverlistening #ilovemyboys #bestpurchaseagirlcouldmake

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It’s just what we do.